Dear Member:
confusedAs a result of concerns raised by members regarding General Membership Meetings held on Monday evenings, the Executive agreed to review statistics for the past three years. Upon review of the statistics (click here for the statistics) over the past three years, 15 meetings were scheduled for Saturday at which only 10 had quorum, and of the 15 meetings scheduled for Monday, only 4 met quorum. Lowering quorum to 25, from 30, resulted in no improvement to quorum being achieved.
A quorum to conduct business is based on 25 members in attendance, including 5 executive members. A lack of quorum prevents us from holding the meeting at which decisions can be made. This results in all business being referred to the executive to make decisions. It is important for our members to attend these meetings to be part of the decision making process. 
Please complete the attached survey and add any comments that you feel will help us make the proper decision.
Thank you for your participation in this survey, your feedback will help us make the right decision.

Judith Callahan
CUPE 4222 President
519.453.4222 Ext. #1
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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