The committee Main Committee meet in July for those of the committee that could attend this meeting. At this time we elected the chair for CUPE 4222 side of the joint committee.The winner of the vote was Michael Morton.After picking the chair another election was held to elect the worker co-chair from CUPE 4222 and CUPE7575.

The winner of this vote was Michael Morton.I will be the new worker co-chair for the CUPE Joint Health &Safety Committee.Here is the list of the members of the CUPE 4222 committee:

  • Michael Morton Worker co- chair
  • Joan Grief
  • Blair Thomas
  • Al Aspden
  • Charlie Price
  • Amanda VanderHeuvel

Alternate members:

  • Brian McGil
  • lTerry Watson
  • Lynda Cooper

We will be holding are next meeting in September.

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